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Hotel Indonesia Natour

Hotel Indonesia Natour is a state owned enterprise company which engaged in hotel management. In order for Hotel Business Development, Management strive to provide the best service to the consumer, it can be seen from the improvements to the existing 12 hotels in Indonesia. Improvements will be made not only physically, but up to the quality of service.

Hotel Indonesia Natour currently led by Intan Abdams Katoppo as Managing Director and the head office is located in Jakarta. Currently the company operates 12 hotel branch in Indonesia: Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel, Inna Sindu Beach Hotel, Inna Kuta Beach Hotel, Inna Putri Bali Hotel, Inna Bali Hotel, Inna Dharma Deli Hotel, Inna Garuda Hotel, Inna Muara Hotel, Inna Parapat Hotel, Inna Samudra Beach Hotel, Inna Simpang Hotel, Inna Tretes Hotel.

In 2010, Hotel Indonesia Natour posted a net profit was significantly increased three-fold to U.S. $ 27.743 billion, compared with the same period the previous year only Rp 8.730 billion. This growth was supported by higher revenues from Rp 275.458 to Rp 300.262 billion billion. Total assets of the company until 2010 reached USD 631.043 billion.

HIN is still in discussions with several companies exploratory domestic banks to make loans worth Rp280 billion from the banking company to renovate property Inna Putri Bali prepared for the implementation of the APEC Summit 2013.

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Career Opportunities

HIN's mission is to provide quality services and tourism services in order to support the national tourism and develop the existing market segmentation for tourists. The company is supported by professional people in hotel service industry, and if you want to join the company please access all opportunities of HIN hotel at "Career Hotel Indonesia Natour"

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